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See what happens along the way with Amtrak Cascades! Let someone else do the driving. Enjoy a hot cup of coffee and a snack from the Bistro while you use the Wi-Fi and relax in roomy, comfortable seats. Check out our current schedule for times.

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Check out our current schedule for times

The ODOT Rail Section oversees the management of the Amtrak Cascades service along the Pacific Northwest Rail Corridor, one of 11 federally designated rail corridors  in the United States. Amtrak Cascades is funded by ticket sales and sponsorship by ODOT and the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT). Take a look at our current schedule.

Amtrak Cascades is Oregon's only intercity passenger rail service that connects Eugene, Albany, Salem, Oregon City, Portland and cities north of Oregon to Seattle and Vancouver, British Columbia. Each Amtrak Cascades train typically consists of 13 cars and seats approximately 270 passengers, with space for passengers who use mobility devices and a Bistro car that serves Pacific Northwest food and beverages.

Choosing to travel on Amtrak Cascades gives you an environmentally friendly and relaxing travel option. You can enjoy relaxing, productive travel time or a fun journey with friends and family – even your small pet!

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In Oregon, the Amtrak Cascades is coordinated with the Cascades POINT bus service . This service provides an additional, higher-frequency option for daily travel between Portland and Eugene. It stops at all the same train stations as the Amtrak Cascades and makes important connections to both local transit and other Amtrak services.