ODOT RealTime - See the Signs

Advisory Speed Signs

Advisory speed signs will display advisory speed based on the traffic ahead. The advisory speeds will change as real-time conditions change.

Advisory speed signs on I-5 and I-405
Advisory speed signs on OR 217

Travel Time Signs

Travel time signs display estimated travel times to key destinations, so that drivers can plan their arrival time or consider taking an alternate route.

Travel time information is displayed on electronic message signs throughout the Portland metro area.
Travel time sign combined with advisory speed sign on OR 217

Traveler Information Signs

Traveler information signs alert drivers about crashes, congestion, road conditions, closures and other traffic-related information, giving drivers the ability to make travel decisions in real time.

Traveler information sign on OR 217
Traveler information sign on US 26 Eastbound

New! ODOT RealTime is expanding in Region 1. Learn more at www.odotrealtime.org .